Quality assurance and evaluation of university performance and continuous improvement in the education system’s quality at the university through the use of latest models and practices to ensure quality and evaluate performance and follow-up implementation to achieve the university’s objectives and improve the efficiency and competitiveness levels within the university and its educational outputs, preparing it to get an academic accreditation.

Our vision is to help UT become one of the accredited universities in Lebanon and abroad.

  • Contributing to achieve the University’s goals related to raising its faculties’ academic level through the application of the quality concept.
  • Working on building an integrated system for continuous and annual self-evaluation of all the university’s work and operations, as well as following-up implementation and evaluation plans for faculties.
  • Implementing the appropriate training programs according to the actual application needs for the approved quality programs within the staff working at the university.
  • Providing support and advice to the various departments and faculties of the university in all matters related to quality and academic accreditation.
  • Developing policies and procedures to implement the quality program at the university’s affiliated faculties and centers.
  • Following-up the commitment of university faculties, centers and departments to quality standards and reporting.
  • Evaluating the performance of university students and establishing clear criteria for evaluating and improving the performance of faculty members.
  • Spreading a culture of quality among university staff and faculty members.
  • Representing the university in quality-related workshops and conferences.
  • Supporting the university to enter international classifications.

Quality team: Randa Mikati, Soumaya El Awad, Racha Halawani

Quality committee: Randa Mikati, Dr. Ammar Yakan, Dr. Abdul Jawad Hamam

Quality Assurance (QA) is defined as an activity to ensure that an organization is providing the best possible product or service to customers. QA focuses on improving the processes to deliver Quality Products to the customer. An organization has to ensure that processes are efficient and effective as per the quality standards defined.


Quality assurance in higher education:

Internal Quality Assurance: is the internal regulations and policies of the institution that ensure the quality of its educational programs and organization’s effectiveness.

External Quality Assurance: Program accreditation or institutional accreditation are provided by external quality assurance organizations to ensure fitness of purpose of the institution.

The Universities Association of Lebanon has defined its own quality standards and guidelines that are aligned with the higher education laws in Lebanon as well as the higher education standards in Europe (ESG 2015).

At the University of Tripoli we are following the Lebanese/European standards in our institutional operations as well in running our academic programs.

We have a quality assurance system for our teaching and learning to make sure that all programs/ courses are being delivered the best way possible and are achieving the intended learning outcomes.

Our continuous evaluation of the program is done through student evaluation for the course and instructor, as well as teacher self-evaluation, and teacher course evaluation and suggestions for enhancements.

We are aiming to get our programs accredited from a reputable european institution, more details will follow.

We organize regular internal training and seminars for our employees to spread the quality culture and help them apply quality standards.

We organize regular training and seminars for our faculty members to help them apply quality standards in all their activities.

We do keep our eye on all institutional standards to be ready for institutional accreditation.

We are building the infrastructure of the quality assurance system at University of Tripoli

We do organize workshops for professors and seminars about quality assurance for the university employees regularly.

*Photos from previous workshops*

Email: quality@ut.edu.lb